Elder Care

Elder Care represents our intentional attempt to strengthen you, build the church, and carry out our God-assigned responsibility to "pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock" (Acts 20:28).

God cares through the church and its leaders. The elders are one of his appointed means to demonstrate care. And we simply want you to know this kind of care a bit more intentionally - to know there is a church leader on your team. 

As a member of Sunrise YOU CAN KNOW SOMEONE's Caring for you

Every member has been chosen by an elder to receive some intentional care. After about three months of involvement at Sunrise, one of our elders will reach out to introduce himself. We are fully aware this might feel awkward at first, in part because you may never have had a pastor or church leader intentionally touch base with you like this. However, we hope you welcome this care as an extension of of God's care - even though it may feel a bit "forced" at first. While our intention is to care and not to "pry," please let us know if you would prefer not to participate and we will happily and immediately oblige. 

If you don't hear from an elder after a few months, be sure to submit a contact card on Sunday morning or email Pastor Brett (brett@sunrise.ky).

What I can expect

That your elder will try to touch base with you a couple times a year. At first, to get to know you and hear a little of your story. Second, to encourage you spiritually. In addition, your elder is available to you anytime as you encounter extraordinary trials or temptations in your life. Also, your elders are praying for you regularly both individually and collectively every Tuesday morning. Please welcome this care as an extension of God's care for you.

If you are wondering "who are the elders?", please click the above tab labeled "Elder Team." If you'd like to hear more about God's plan to care for the church through elders, please access the media sermon archive for a 17-Dec-2017 sermon titled "Elder Care."