Pastor Brett Wendle

Brett Wendle joined the Sunrise staff as associate pastor in August 2013 and has been acting as lead pastor in an interim capacity since April 2018.

Brett trusted in Christ in high school and was significantly shaped during his undergrad studies at the University of Illinois, where he began to study the Bible, first with friends and then on his own, and gained a passion for understanding and helping others understand all that God has made known about himself through his Word. While still in college he sensed a call to pastoral ministry, which was confirmed by the elders of his church.  

From there, he moved to the Chicago area to pursue graduate studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, from which he graduated in 2011. While at Trinity, Brett married Kim, and they have two sons: Joshua, born in 2012, and Asher, born in 2014.

Brett has been actively involved in local churches since college and has worked with children, middle- and high-schoolers, college students and young adults, and adults of the full-grown variety. He desires to see people at every age growing in love for God, amazement at the good news about Jesus, and commitment to living out God’s purposes in the church and in the world.

Brett is also enthusiastic about (in no particular order) good books, coffee shops, Reese’s Pieces, preaching, the writings of C. S. Lewis, the music of Bruce Springsteen, and the life of Theodore Roosevelt.

You can get in touch with Brett by emailing

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