Resources for Parents & Kids

Some of these recommended books are available on Sunday mornings at the SCC Book Table; others can be ordered by Pastor Brett upon request. Happy browsing!

Books for Parents


General Parenting

Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Tedd Tripp) - We give this book to every family that dedicates a child at Sunrise.  Tripp mixes sound teaching, practical advice, and relatable anecdotes to help you instruct and discipline your children with a view to helping them turn their hearts to God, rather than simply modifying their behavior.  Available at the SCC Book Table.


Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family (Paul David Tripp) – Not a how-to manual, but a meditation on truths that shape a parent’s heart and our understanding of our role so that we raise our kids with patience, compassion, and grace, rather than frustration and self-righteousness.


Gospel-Centered Family (Tim Chester & Ed Moll) - Not just about parenting, but about how to have the whole of your family life affected by the gospel.  Composed of short, clear, biblical chapters written with a view to starting great discussions between spouses or with other parents.


Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys (Stephen James and David Thomas) - Written to help parents understand the mind and heart of their sons, from infancy to young adulthood.  Very practical.


Raising Girls (Melissa Trevathan and Sissy Goff) - A counterpart to Wild Things (above).  Helps parents understand the development of growing girls and how to help at each stage along the way.


Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches (Rachel Jankovic) - Bite-sized encouragements for moms of young children.


Family Worship/Teaching Kids the Bible

Bible Reading with Your Kids (Jon Nielson) – A short and practical guide to the why and the how-to of reading the Bible with your kids.  Written for dads, but good for all parents.


The New City Catechism – 52 questions and answers (with simplified versions for young children) that teach the basics of the Christian faith.  You can memorize one a week in just a few minutes daily over breakfast.  Also available as a (free) app, and a version with devotional readings is available in print and for Kindle.


A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home (Jason Helopoulos) - A realistic and (relatively) short read that offers practical suggestions for getting started worshiping at home as a family.


Show Them Jesus (Jack Klumpenhower) - Written for both parents and Sunday school teachers to help them teach the gospel to children from preschool into the teen years.


Parenting Teens

Parenting Adolescents (Kevin Huggins) - Helps parents both set high standards and extend high grace.


Age of Opportunity (Paul David Tripp) - In a society that’s cynical about the possibility of reaching and relating to teenage children, Tripp helps parents engage the hearts of their teens with realism and hope.


Preparing Your Teens for College (Alex Chediak) - A guide for parents looking to have conversations with their children to prepare them for the transition from living at home to being an independent adult.


Books for Children


0-2 years old

Baby’s First Bible (Sally Lloyd-Jones, for ages 0+) - a short collection of ten Bible stories to read with your very young child.


Read-Aloud Bible Stories (Ella Lindvall, for ages 2+) – five volumes of longer Bible stories with simple text, colorful pictures, and a “what did you learn?” section for each story to draw out lessons.


3-5 years old

The Jesus Storybook Bible (Sally Lloyd-Jones, for ages 4+) – The other book we give to every family who dedicates their child at Sunrise.  Beautifully written and illustrated, this book shows kids that Jesus is the hero of every Bible story.  Available at the SCC Book Table.


The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible (Jared Kennedy, for ages 3+) – Pastor Brett’s favorite Bible storybook for younger preschoolers.  Simple language, vivid pictures, and practical Jesus-centered conversation points.


The Big Picture Story Bible (David Helm, for ages 3+) - Tells the one story about Jesus, from the beginning of the Bible to the end.  Some concepts will need to be simplified for younger children, but the illustrations will keep their attention (and parents will learn a good deal, too!).  Available at the SCC Book Table.


Everything a Child Should Know about God (ages 3-5) – Not a story book, but a beautifully illustrated collection of important truths from the Bible (e.g. “The Bible tells us about God,” “Jesus is God’s Son”) explained in a simple way and accompanied with a review question for each.  Available at


The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross (Carl Laferton, for ages 3+) – A beautiful, engaging telling of the Jesus-centered story of the whole Bible which you can read in one sitting.


God Made All of Me (Justin & Lindsey Holcomb, for ages 3+) – An important book that helps you protect your child from sexual abuse by talking about private parts, good and bad touches, and secrets and surprises, while celebrating the goodness of the way God made us.  Also has tips for parents about how to protect your children.


6-12 years old

NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers (ages 6-8) – this is a good first full-text Bibles for young readers.  The NIrV uses simpler language than the NIV and is what we use in our younger elementary class.  Available at the SCC Book Table.


NIV Adventure Bible or ESV Following Jesus Bible (ages 9-12) - Both feature book introductions and notes that help older kids understand what they’re reading.  The NIV Adventure Bible is available at the SCC Book Table and is what we use in the older elementary class.


Exploring the Bible (David Murray) – An interactive, guided tour of the Bible for kids ready to start reading on their own.  Written in a journal format with space for their own insights and prayer requests.

The One Year Bible for Children (V. Gilbert Beers) - 365 devotions which, if you read each day, will take you through the whole story of the Bible in a year (but feel free to spread it out!).  Great to read together with your kids.  Available at the SCC Book Table.


The Gospel Story Bible (Marty Machowski) - Another Bible which, like the Big Picture Story Bible and Jesus Storybook Bible, shows the whole Bible as a big story about Jesus.  Each story includes discussion questions.  Accompanying devotional books are also available, Long Story Short and Old Story New, which together provide three years (!) of daily devotional ideas as you travel from Genesis to Revelation.


The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New (Marty Machowski) - A collection of brief, kid-friendly explanations of what the Bible teaches about God, people, sin, Jesus, salvation, and lots more.



Passport2Purity (FamilyLife) – a kit of engaging materials for a weekend away with your child to lay a foundation of purity as they enter the teen years (ideally done when the child is an older preteen).


My First 30 Quiet Times (Ty Saltzgiver) - 30 simple devotions to helps teens (and anyone else) get started meeting with God through reading the Bible. 

Bible Study: A Student’s Guide (Jon Nielson) - Written by a youth pastor to help teens understand what the Bible is and how to read it.  Good for parents to read alongside their kids.


How to Stay Christian in College (J. Budziszewski) - A short book that helps teens think proactively about the competing worldviews and temptations that come along with university life.  Read it alongside your kids before they leave home and talk about it.


University/Young adult

Thriving at College (Alex Chediak) - Helps students avoid the ten biggest mistakes college students make.


Just Do Something (Kevin DeYoung) - Helps release young people from decision-making paralysis by pointing them to a big God who can take care of them and by showing them what God’s Word says about how to please him.

*Note: many of these are not available at the Sunrise Book Table, but we’re glad to order them for you upon request.