Meet The team

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  • senior pastor

    Jason every

    Jason together with his wife, Janine and their two girls, Paige and Emma originate from South Africa. His vision is to make disciples of all nations, who will go on to make disciples, by preaching and teaching the Bible in and through power and presence of Jesus.

    Besides his love for good theology, coffee and books, Jason remains first and foremost a family man. He and his family like to keep active and enjoy a variety of sports and water activities.

    He has an honours degree in Theology from the International College of Bible and Missions in Roodepoort, South Africa. It is there where he has served in full time ministry for over 16 years. Jason was the associate pastor of Covenant Grace Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for 9 years before moving to the Cayman Islands.

  • associate pastor

    adam gordon

    Adam, originally from the United States, first felt called to full-time ministry when he was in college at North Greenville University. He went on a 2 month mission-trip to Peru and that led to him serving 8 years in Lima, Peru as a missionary. While serving as a missionary he married, Paola and they are blessed with 3 children – Keilah, Josiah and Noah. In Peru, Adam and Paola spent many years as youth leaders and taught classes to seminary students before being called to lead a campus of the church they served.

    Adam’s passion is to see others understand the love of God and help others to use their gifts for building God’s kingdom. His primary areas of responsibility are children & youth ministries and administration (as well as general pastoral care).


    Adam enjoys pretty much anything outdoors. He collects houseplants and likes to pretend he is a capable carpenter. One of his favorite things to do is to sit down and talk about what God is doing in people’s lives over a cup of coffee - (good coffee).

  • women's director

    Paola gordon

    Paola was born in Lima, Peru, but has also spent significant periods of time in both Venezuela & the United States. During her time in the U.S. she felt a call to ministry and attended Mt. Zion School of Ministry (now called Summit International School of Ministry) where she discovered her love for teaching and sharing God’s word.

    Eventually she moved back to Peru where she married her husband, Adam. Together they served their church in Lima faithfully for about 8 years along with their two children.

    During that time, Paola gained a wealth of experience in leading Youth Ministry, leading worship, teaching Seminary classes, and working alongside Adam to lead the opening of a Church campus.

    Paola's main responsibilities at Sunrise include Administrative Tasks, directing the Worship Team, Counseling Women in the Church, as well as being the Founder & Director of Flourish Women's Ministry.

    She enjoys writing, singing, a good chat with friends and playing with her kids and their crazy family dog

  • Children's and youth coordinator

    tim FREESE

    Tim is our full time children's and youth leader at Sunrise.  His main responsibilities revolve around all things teen related including Sunday youth lessons, youth group, and youth socials.

    He and his wife, Justine, are both from the province of KwaZuluNatal which is found on the Eastern coast of South Africa. They moved to Cayman at the end of 2018.

    Tim feels a strong calling to youth ministry. His vision is to see a safe space where teens can share personal experiences to learn from each other and receive sound biblical teaching; providing a space for youth to build positive Christian mentorships and friendships to help guide them on their journey with the Lord. 

    Tim enjoys a wide range of things such as Jigsaw Puzzles, Fishing & Frisbee Golf.

leadership structure

We believe in the autonomy of the local church — each church is to be led by an

eldership team with a lead elder (Pastor) the first among equals (Acts 14:27; 20:17; 1 Tim.

3:1-3; Titus 1:5-11). Biblically, the church is not to function autocratically nor as a

democracy, but rather it is to be led by God-appointed elders who spiritually govern and

guide the church with the Word of God. The elders, however, do not lead the church in

complete isolation but are supported by appointed deacons and the members of the

church. The deacons are specifically chosen to serve in key areas of practical ministry.

The members also fulfil an important function in the church by using their gifts to serve and

edify the body.

Together they (elders, deacons and members) are called by God to sacrificially serve and

support the vision of the church. When it comes to major decision making that affects the

direction or doctrine of the church, the eldership are encouraged to seek the wisdom and

confirmation that comes from within the congregation (i.e. Members have a voice not a



The primary role of the Elders (Pastors) is to provide leadership in the following 3 areas of

church life: Doctrine, Direction, and Discipline

1. DOCTRINE - Preach the Word!

The pastor’s first responsibility is to preach and teach the Word of God (2 Tim 4:2). A

shepherd simply cannot be faithful to his task if he doesn’t feed the sheep. Programs

and personalities are dispensable but without good food, sheep die. The pastor is called

by God to labour in the Word and in prayer, so that the church may be equipped and

established in their faith. (1 Tim 3:2, Acts 6:2-4)

2. DIRECTION - Point to Jesus!

In addition to being fed a healthy diet, sheep need to be led (Ps. 23). Pastors are to

provide leadership in word and in deed – by communicating vision and by setting the

example so that the congregation can joyfully follow (1 Pet 5:1-5). In doing this, the

goal of pastoral ministry is to serve in a way that always points people to dependence

on Jesus.

3. DISCIPLINE - Protect the Church!

A faithful shepherd is also always on the watch against predators who seek to harm the

sheep (Jn.10:12-15). Most of these dangers will come from outside the church, in the

form of ‘teachers’ who twist the truth (Acts 20:28-31). However, there may be those

inside the church who promote unbiblical doctrines and ungodly lifestyles.

Therefore, in order to protect the church against these errors, the elders (and the

congregation if necessary) may need to wisely and lovingly persuade, rebuke, correct

and if necessary apply church discipline to the offender or offensive situation, all in an

effort to bring about repentance and restoration. (Mat. 18:15-17, 2 Thes. 3:6-15, Tit.

3:9-11). (E.g. suspend membership, prohibit communion, restrict fellowship, and insist

on accountability)