Community groups are a ministry where we grow in grace and love for each other (Col 3:12-14). 

Therefore, as we strive to do this, by God’s grace, we will provide environments where we can be vulnerable to come as we are. 

We like to look at our reasoning for running community groups in the following 2 ways: 

1.) To know Jesus

We resolve to grow together in our knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is and what He accomplished on the cross for us. We believe this will result in lives that are transformed not only individually but also corporately to the glory of God. We believe this is a lifelong process to be enjoyed with lifelong study of God’s word together.

2.) Make Jesus known

We resolve to take the gospel beyond our community groups for the redemption and welfare of the island. (Rom 1:16). 

Our community groups realise Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves and therefore seek creative ways to share the life-transforming message of the gospel with neighbours, friends and various cultures for the redemption and welfare of the island.