Mission Partners

As a church, we are committed to outwardly tithing/giving both globally and here in Cayman to people and organizations that are committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus and serving the least in His name. We are currently supporting the following:

  • Joe & Belkis Denton, who lead Tree of Life International in its mission of providing spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical assistance to poor, oppressed, abused, helpless, or disadvantaged persons and communities, particularly in the nation of Honduras.  To learn more about Tree of Life, click here.  
  • Jonathan and Michelle Rosa are former leaders of Sunrise who are serving as missionaries in El Palo, Spain. Their initial goals are to begin knowing and serving their neighbors, to gather with other Christians in intentional community, and to start reproducing Bible studies in their area. Only 1% of Spaniards are evangelical Christians.
  • Nelson Salviano, who trains pastors in Brazil who don't have access to formal ministerial training, especially in poor areas around Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares.